How to build your floristry brand

16 August 2022

Taking the first steps to setting up your floristry business? Whether you are thinking of a floral workshop, online florist store or high street flower shop, you will need great branding for your new small business.

Our expert team here at floristPro have been creating websites for local florists since 2007, so we can help you develop your business brand with a bespoke e-commerce website designed just for you!

Here are our 3 key steps to blooming great branding for florists!

Step 1. Business Name

The first important step is settling on a business name for your floristry business that you love – you are going to be seeing it and saying it 100s of times a day so you need to love it! Here are a couple of pointers when choosing your business name for your flower business:

  • DOMAIN Check the domain name (www. Address) is available on a domain site such as LCN. Ideally if you are a UK based business, you want as your main name. If your preferred domain name has already been poached, you can try some variations such as adding the city or town name or try florists instead florist.
  • REPRESENT Does your brand name represent your style and what you offer? Sometimes just by adding an extra word or 2 such as designs, floral designer, even simple florist helps give the business name more impact and tie it all together.
  • PERSONAL For name inspirations, you could look at what your favourite bloom is, if there is a specialist area such as weddings your business is focused at or the town/city you are located in. This can help add a personal touch to your branding and build a story round the name.
  • COMPETITORS Do a quick Google search of your area for any other businesses that have the same or similar names. You want a brand name that is different to your local competitors to avoid any confusion.
  • EASE Often overlooked but really important is how easy is your brand name to say and spell. If it is a strange spelling or pronunciation, potential customers may struggle to find you or be put off. Run the name past a couple of friends who you can trust to give an honest opinion, or even better test the name on a selection of your target audience.

Step 2. Flower Branding

Branding covers a whole multitude of different factors, that when put together create your unique brand. This includes; colours, fonts, style of writing, website, brand packing. Branding helps customers quickly identify a brand – maybe even just by seeing the brand colours on a delivery van, or reading a blog online they can quickly identify it is you.

To help create the look and feel of your brand, trying making a mood board of colour swatches, online fonts, key words, material, images of your style of bouquets. The visual can help pull together your overall branding and your aim of what your branding needs to represent.

Our website design team recommend when thinking about brand colours and fonts, is how visually they work online – such as how easy the colour or text font is to read against black and white backgrounds. Some colours are harder to read on a screen, and you want customers to be able to read all of your lovely words and website text. When our floristPro design team build a bespoke floristry website for a customer, these are things we take in to account and can help offer advice on website style and colours that customers and Google will love. Check out our floristPro website samples page to view a handful of the bespoke floristry websites we have created over the years.

Step 3. Floristry Logo

Now you have an idea of business name and branding style, it is time to pull it all together with a logo. Logos are pivotal to the business and the face of your company; used on your floristry website, business cards, shop signage, delivery vans, stickers, luxury ribbon....

There are some free online tools which you can use to play around and make a basic logo for your new business. But if you are after some expert guidance, floristPro offer a Logo Design Service for florists. As our expert team understand the flower industry AND online web design, we know what works well visually for floristry branding and can create a unique floristry logo that will look perfect on all your business marketing materials.


How to build your floristry brand
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