Why you need a Mobile Responsive Website

16 September 2019

Working for a leading web design company, this is a question I get asked regularly from florists across the UK  – “What is mobile responsive and why do I need it?”

I totally agree; it is a minefield out there for online lingo, when you don’t work in IT all the terminology tends to blend in to one! But if there is ONE phrase you remember let it be Mobile Responsive (also known as Mobile Friendly) – and hopefully after reading this blog you will know why.

So what is mobile responsive? In simple terms it means if a customer browses your website using a smart phone, tablet, PC, laptop or iPad, your site will fit to screen to display in the most user-friendly way for the specific device.

So why do you need it for your business website? With over 50% of all website visits now coming from mobile devices and tablets, customers are turning away from ordering on a PC and instead want on- the- go easy ordering from a mobile device. Research has shown that if a customer finds a website hard to navigate, 61% will leave – often going to a competitor that does offer mobile responsive for a great customer experience online.

Don’t miss the chance to engage, gain or retain a customer – ensure your website is mobile responsive today!


Example of a floristPro website in Mobile Responsive format

#1 Customer experience is key

Think back to when you have tried to view a website on your phone and you have to spend ages scrolling across to find the buy button or use the menu? Yep, annoying isn’t it?! 48% of users said if a website doesn’t function on their mobile device it makes them feel that the company does not care for their business – not the impression you want to give your customers!

#2 Improve your Google ranking

As of April 2015, Google now looks at User Experience  (how nice a website is for the customer to use) as one of the key ranking factors. Google wants to recommend the best websites for the customer to experience -  and by seeing you have a mobile friendly website helps Google rank your website higher in search results. This helps push up your ranking over competitors that don’t have a mobile responsive website.

 #3 Drives online sales

Did you know 4 out of 5 online orders are made on a smart phone in the UK? A clear indication times are changing, along with customer needs and expectations. It is vital your website is as user-friendly as possible, so by choosing a floristPro website you have mobile responsive included at no extra cost - so your customers can easily browse your flowers and order online from you.


Mobile Responsive included at no extra cost with a floristPro website

Here at floristPro HQ we understand the importance of a Mobile Responsive website for your business. Which is why when you have a floristPro website we include Mobile Responsive as part of your new website package at no extra charge.

Talk to our expert team today to discover more!

Why you need a Mobile Responsive Website
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