Website trends for 2020

20 December 2019

The digital world is ever evolving; new trends and tools are being released regularly, as companies compete to grab customers attention and stand out online. Here at floristPro our specialist team keep up-to-date with website design and customer shopping trends, to ensure our websites just for florists are built with the perfect balance of creativity and performance.

Our Head Designer Mark has been working for floristPro for 7 years, and has designed websites for hundreds of florists over the years. An expert in his field, Mark has a keen eye for detail, bucket loads of artistic flair and the knowledge of the best layout for selling flowers online.

Mark looks ahead at 2020 and shares his predictions for website trends and how they will work for florist websites!



Bold Colour Blocks

Bold colour blocks work amazingly throughout a website, not just the home page. They help separate different areas of text or images, which makes it easier for the reader to digest the information and help draw the eye to the key sections. Bold colour blocks are also a simple yet effective way of adding brand colours to a floristry website, which helps engage the user with your online shop.

The use of colour blocks worked perfectly on Flowers by Suzanne, one of our floristry websites that went live back in November 2019. The bold blocks of colour reflect Flowers by Suzanne strong logo and branding, whilst help highlighting some of her key selling points that customers need to know such as smae day delivery and seasonal flowers to buy.

The great thing with a floristpro website is we don't work with templates, so our designers have a lot of flexibilty to get creative with layouts and colours. Every website we design is bespoke for each local florist - so you can shine online.





THE online colour of 2020

There is always a popular colour that everyone asks for – in 2019 it was dusky pink, 2018 it was steel grey. And for 2020 the colour that will be huge for websites? Neo Mint green. According to trend forecasters Neo Mint is described as a refreshing shade of green, with a cool and modern feel. It is a colour chosen to harmonise technology with nature.

Neo Mint green is a great branding colour option for florists, as it bonds botanical touch and fresh feel of the flower industry. Neo Mint also works well with a multitude of colours including grey, white and pink so our website designers can easily add hints of colour and vibrancy to your website. Check out Victoriana Florist who are tucked in the beautiful highlands of Scotland, whose website has a splash of Neo Mint to bring out the colours in their logo.

The important thing to remember with website colours is that however great trend colours are, the colour palette needs to reflect your brand. If your flower shop signage is navy and gold, we recommend these colours feature on your website. Visually, colours strongly help customers recognise your brand quickly – whether its your website, flower delivery van or business card. Although incorporating trend colours is great, don't lose your online branding just to keep up with the cool crowd.


Mobile responsive design

This one has actually been mentioned the past few years, but trust us it’s not going away! By the end of 2019 it is predicted that globally 63% of all mobile phone users will primarily use their phone to access the internet – which is why responsive website design is more important than ever.

Mobile responsive design (also called mobile friendly) basically means the website will refit to the size screen – mobile phone, iPad, laptop or computer. This ensures whatever device the customer is using, the website still looks great and is easy to navigate. This is vital for a retail floristry website as you want customers to easily browse and order online – otherwise they will simply go and find a competitor website that is better.

Our design team at floristPro create websites from day one with mobile responsive in mind; making sure your customers have the best experience ordering flowers on your website. We include in your monthly website package mobile friendly website version as we understand how important it is. Check out Pick a Posy floristPro website; within days of going live they had received great feedback from their customers who loved using the new site!


Interactive websites

When we walk about interactive websites it can seem a bit odd, how can a screen interact with our online customers? But it can in really simple ways, and is a great way to immerse the customer further in to your site.

The little touches of interaction could include call to action buttons that change colour when the user hovers on it, menu button that spins when selected or images that display a message when the mouse is over it. There doesn’t need to be loads, as it can become overloaded and lose the message behind it – which is for they important things you WANT the customer to do like ‘look at me’ or ‘yes press me’!

We used this interactive idea on Fantail Designer Florist website, who is an award-winning wedding florist based in Sheffield. She works with leading wedding venues across South Yorkshire and has the most incredible portfolio of wedding images to share on her floristPro website. We created a simple but effective interactive gallery, where the image will highlight a set colour and show text to explain more when the user hovers their mouse over the picture.



Oversized typography

This is set to be a huge trend in 2020 – big typography to deliver a simple message. The idea is that you can use a few impactful words to say what you need to say, in a cool text font. It is simple but eye catching, and a great technique for grabbing customers attention as soon as they land on your webiste.

We loved designing a floristPro website for an independent florist in Leicester, who wanted a quirky and bold website to set her apart from the crowd.  The design team used a clever mix of image, colour and bold font to create this unique style for The Bloom Project website!



Pattern background

We predict patterns are going to be popular in 2020! Background patterns add style, colour and impact to a website. You have to be careful what pattern is used and what is layered on top of the pattern – you don’t want to lose any valuable text that can’t be read easily or distract too much from your product images. With the right balance and expert design, patterns really bring a website to life.

Some of our favourite floristPro website designs that incorporate pattern in their website include Victoria Jayne Flowers based in Swansea. Vicky is obsessed with tartan and wanted to include tartan some how on her new floristPro website. Our designers added a touch of tartan under the menu bar, using the brand colours of pale pinks and creams. Another happy customer was Flores Diem, who requested a Gothic come Victorian themed website, which would capture their unique floral services of period flowers. The clever use of a patterned background helps achive this look, and our graphic designers ensured all the text and images would still stand out.


Split Content

Websites hold a vast amount of information about the business, products and services available. You may want to get across more than one important message on the home page, so split content is a simple and well organised way to do this.

As a florist this is no exception. From occasion flowers, delivery options, wedding services, subscription flowers, funeral tributes, floral workshops to luxury gifts, florists offer such a variety that your website needs to make it easy for customers to find the flower service they are after.

Our designers find split content is ideal for online florists - just like Art of Flowers homepage which has the balance between stunning images, helpful text and navigation for the customer to easily use the website. We will often suggest split content for to our florists when we are designing the site, with years of experience our specialist design team understand what florists and customers need from a website!






Website trends for 2020
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