Simple, Structured and Clear

There are no hidden costs with a floristPro website – right from the beginning you will have a clear and structured plan for the setup and on-going cost of your website.

Setup Fee

A one off payment for the design and setup of your website.  This includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • Design & development
  • Full ecommerce integration
  • Mobile Version
  • Review and changes
  • Live launch


Hosting & Support

The monthly fee covers:

  • Website hosting on our servers
  • Content Changes
  • On-going support and advice
  • Training Webinars
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Upgrade options



Setup Fee £79.95
SSL Certificate* £49.95
Startup Total £129.90
Monthly Fee £49.95

All prices are subject to VAT

Pricing explained

Our pricing model is very simple. There is a one off setup fee of £79.95 which covers the creation and deployment of your website based on one of our recommended layouts . Once you have reviewed your webpages, products and categories you are ready to go. There is then a flat monthly fee of £49.95 which includes your website, mobile hosting and support.

An SSL certificate is required to ensure your administration console and payment details  are transmitted securely. A one year SSL certificate is currently £49.95, with the price per year decreasing depending on the number of years purchased in one go (prices are displayed in the questions section at the bottom of this page). FloristPro are able to supply SSL certificates from Comodo and Geotrust, two of the worlds leading Certificate Authorities.

Bespoke Development?

If you require a different layout to our recommendations we can create a new custom layout tailored just for you. For more information call 01903 773377.

What is Ecommerce?

In order to take credit and debit card payments on your website you will need to use a payment provider to transact the payment similar to when someone phones or comes in the shop to order.

We currently recommend WorldPay Clearwater as our current supplier.

  • No setup fee
  • No monthly fee
  • Transaction Fees - Please contact us for current rates
  • Application should not take any longer than 1 week (subject to status checks)
  • Payment directly into your bank account within 3 working days

Through our partner referral scheme our customers apply for an account.  Once the account has been activated we integrate onto the new website for you.  We can integrate with other providers.  However, please ensure that you check with us first.

Do I need a domain name?

A domain name is the website address, for example

You may already have a domain name which you want to use.  However, if you haven’t you will either need to purchase one yourself or we can arrange this on your behalf.

Do I need a web host?

No. All floristPro websites include secure ecommerce hosting for your website. This is part of the monthly hosting and support fee.

What are your payment terms?

The initial payment can be made via credit card, debit card, cheque or online banking and will cover your setup fee, SSL certificate and first month’s hosting and support fee.

The monthly subscription fees are the debited from your account on the 5th of each month via direct debit or direct payment transfer.

Can I cancel my website?

If you wish you cancel your floristPro website you need only give one month’s written notice.



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