Tim, Managing Director and Head Honcho

floristPro is the brainwave of Tim who grew up in the family florist business before a succesful career in website development. Now spends most of his time in a quiet room continually developing the system to be ahead of the game.

Sara, Office Manager and lover of Birds

Sara is the central point for everything that is going on. Dealing with customer accounts, telephone enquiries and ensuring the smooth running of everyday events. Ask Sara about her favourite birds, pidgeons and seagulls.

Cara the Explorer, Marketing Manager 

Cara is the girl putting the magic into Social Media and Marketing to keep you up-to-date with all the latest news and information in the floristry world when not jetting off on an adventure...

Mark, Web Design Team Leader and Head Chef

Mark puts the functionality into the design and ensures that everything works. Also supposedly a "MULTI award winning" author....

(MG) Jorian, Systems Manager

Jorian is the first point of contact for requesting changes to your website. When not in the office spends most of his time tinkering with his car.

(Gin and ) Tomas, Senior IT Support / Design

Tomas assists with support and works with Mark in the website designs. Partial to the odd g and t.

James aka Kevin (Keegan), Support Team Leader

James is our second newest member of the support team and makes a stunning cup of tea should you visit the office.

Julie aka Miss Marple, Accounts

Julie processes our accounts and manages the day to day finances. A secret super sleuth, nothing gets past Julie.

Bill aka Big Bill, Support

Big Bill is the newest member of the team keeping us all in line. Secondary role is personal security for the boss.